Who We Are and What We Do

We are a family firm founded in 2010. We are purely a scooter shop. We sell only scooters and scooter components. In this we are unique.

  • We are an authorized dealer of the Bike, Kickbike, Kostka, MIBO, Maui, and MICRO brands.
  • In cooperation with MIBO, we have developed scooter prototypes for automatic bike sharing programmes.
  • We operate our own scooter rental facility.
  • We do K-Bike scooter tuning and produce our own Friend brand of 16” urban scooters.
  • We participate in scooter promo events and races for the general public, and organize trips into the countryside for scooter enthusiasts.
  • We use scooters year-round as a means of transport, in town and while travelling.



Koloběžky pro dospělé

Ilona a Josef Nistlerovi
Smotlachova 582/2, 142 00 Praha
e-mail: kolobezky-pro-dospele@seznam.cz

IČ: 62145738
DIČ: CZ7259194052